sophia gazla



'To me, self-expression through the use of colour is an act of freedom. Colour is life affirming and speaks to our human experience, soul and spirit.' 

Sophia is a Bristol based artist, who paints predominantly abstract artworks. Sophia is inspired by the vibrant creative energy in Bristol and the enchanting countryside where she grew up around Sussex. Sophia is also a Counselling Psychologist, she draws upon the reflective, experiential and relational aspects of her work to inform her creative process, often working intuitively and spontaneously in the here and now. Sophia uses the painting process as a as a means of connecting, moving through and expressing her personal experience through brushwork, texture and the use of colour.  

You can find Sophia's latest collection of artworks at The Tobacco Factory, Bristol, from the 1st -26th September 2020.

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TELEPHONE: 07762271163

EMAIL: sophiagazla.art@gmail.com

SAATCHI ART: www.saatchiart.com/sophiagazla

Facebook: www.facebook.com/SophiaGazlaArt

Instagram: @sophiagazla